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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What to do with people you don't like

This is what I'd like to do:  Dip them into a vat of melted chocolate and ship them off to be someone else's problem.  That really isn't so hateful is it?  At least those other people will get some chocolate out of the matter.

I am coming fast to the decision that I don't want to be around people who don't like themselves.  I can't really do anything to help them.  Frankly, that is not my job. 

I am tired of pettiness, spite, and immaturity.  If you think that you are a wonderful person and have a lot to offer and for some reason I don't like you then that is my fault and please be patient and give me another chance.  I pray in thanksgiving every day for those that I now love that waited for me to come around to love them.  But if you don't like yourself, don't expect me to like you.  It is two separate issues.  One is my impression of you and that I must fix it.  The other is a personal problem with you and only you can fix that.  I wish you luck and will pray for you if asked to but I've decided that my patience is now reserved for those that deserve it.  

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