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Friday, May 29, 2009

Good News

Father Z puts up a post asking people to post their good news for that day.  It is really nice to read what other people are celebrating whether it be an engagement, a pregnancy, a call to the priesthood or something simple like their child told them, "I love you" this morning.  It is very endearing.  It is something that I'd like to put up every now and then as well.  Just something for me to look back on and smile.

Matthew and I were asked to bring up the gifts on Saturday and Sunday morning and we've never been asked before.  

May 25 was the ordination anniversary for both Father Zuhlsdorf and Father Corapi.

Going to see Sharon, Adam, Therese, Fulton and Gianna today!

Gales of laughter during the scriptural rosary with Matthew was special.  Jesus has a sense of humor, right?

I sent presents to my nieces and nephews just for fun.

My sister, Melissa, and I discussed her single young adult life (I was very young at that time) and I got to know her even better because of it.

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