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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I've got a soul, but I'm not a soldier...

Do you pray the rosary?

If you don't, why not?  If you don't because you don't have enough time or you don't think to do it, then you need to ponder whether that is really a good reason.  This is a really inspiring video that my dad sent to me (knowing that I'd love it, he's so cute!) and I want to share it with you.  It really made me feel wonderful when I got to the end and I hope you feel that too!

I am trying to pray the rosary more, I'm not perfect but I am working on fixing my mistakes.  My parents pray the scriptural rosary every evening together and when I am at home and when they are with me we pray it together and it is beautiful.

The scriptural rosary (Catholic Arts and Gifts has it as well) is fabulous because it forces you to think about each mystery as you are praying and thwarts your minds efforts to wander.  I tend to think about three things at once and it frustrates me when I lose sight of my prayer when praying the rosary.  I feel like I am letting Mary down.  Jesus asked his disciples to stay awake for just one hour, can I not focus for twenty minutes?

I remember when my dad first started praying the rosary daily.  He would go upstairs and pray aloud while my mother sat downstairs and listened to him.  It took her a long time and many times of him asking her if she would like to do it before she decided to join him.  I think it is beautiful that they pray together and I am thankful that they are setting an example for me.  They may be discovering things later in life than would be desirable but they got there.  I am recalling the story in Matthew, chapter 20 where the landowner pays everyone the same wages even if they came later in the day and only worked one hour.  My Matthew (not the gospel writer) and I spoke about this story just the other day.  He made the point that it doesn't seem fair for that type of conditions on earth but Jesus was talking about the conditions in heaven.  God determines what is fair.  It doesn't matter when we get there but that we get there.  I am thankful that I am there now with Matthew but I am full of joy that my parents are there now for themselves.  They might have some sadness that they didn't do this before but everyone's journey is different and theirs took more time than maybe some others.

Lord God, thank You for our most holy Mother and for the gift of the rosary that she gave us to pray to her and ask for her intercessions.  Help us to continue to pray to her and remain focused on our devotions.  Thank You, Lord, for the loving parents that both Matthew and I have and help me to always remember to not lose my patience with my parents and to love them like they deserved to be loved.  I ask for the courage to ask my friends and loved ones to pray with me, rather than keeping my prayers to myself for it can only enrich my faith.  Bless our loved ones with your presence and keep them safe.  Amen.

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