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Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's my line?

Archbishop Fulton Sheen on a game show!  How cool!  Who can we say is a man today who is similar to Sheen?  I wish I knew.  


James Straight said...

In my opinion the closest we have to bishop Fulton J. Sheen today would be Fr. John Corapi.

Amanda in Austin said...

I agree with what James said about Fr. Corapi. He's no Bishop Sheen but he's the closest thing we have IMO. Great blog Laurinda, I see you have a wealth of Fulton Sheen videos. Btw, I split my Mass attendance between St. Louis and St. Mary's Cathedral. =)

Laurinda said...

Thanks James and Amanda! I need to look into more of Father Caropi's work. I will admit that my first opinion is that he is a bit harsh and more of hellfire and brimstone preacher and that was a big turn-off to me a few years ago. I need to revisit his writings and his television show to see if I understand him better now that my faith is stronger. My parents love him as do several friends so I know that I could benefit from his preachings.

Amanda, you should stop me and say hello if you ever come to 9:30 Mass at St. Louis! Just look for the curly, dark haired girl with the handsome, Irish-bearded man and that is me! We tend to hang out in the gathering space before and after Mass. I hope you both continue to visit my blog, it is a work in progress. I appreciate the comments!

James Straight said...

If you haven't heard it already you could start with his conversion story. It is available free on DVD.