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Monday, February 1, 2010

Marriage Prep Day 3: NFP and other stuff

Our last marriage prep meeting was great! Amy and her husband, Adam, gave the talk about NFP. All the couples said they wanted children so that cleared the way for more discussion. It was interesting to hear Adam talk about what it was like to not be Catholic and go through marriage prep and NFP classes with Amy and that it was okay. We didn't get much else out of it besides witnessing to the wonders which is the Creighton Model System and encouraging the other couples to look into it. The two couples there who we know practice NFP are into the Couple to Couple League which teaches the symptothermal method.

A poem in Bishop Sheen's autobiography which is germane to the discussion:
Some moralists claim that the Pill
May be used even though you're not ill.
It gives the ability
To banish fertility
But I can't really think it's God's Will.

Another thing about Bishop Sheen that you see throughout his writings is the concept of freedom of choice. God gave us the freedom to love and accept him or to deny him. We h
ave the freedom to do as we please but God's Will is not the freedom to do what we want but the freedom to do as we ought.

This past week I was able, with Matthew's help, to get quite a bit of wedding planning done. I ordered the cardstock for the programs (yay!); I found a great price on Saint Michael medals and ordered those; and the brown wooden beads were ordered. So when these arrive we'll have much more work to do. We went to Hobby Lobby this weekend to get some pricing ideas on a frame and matte for what I want in our home. And we worked on the invitations and are close to checking those off of our list.

A few of the girls from church wanted to start a book club so we met on Friday and picked
out a selection of books. We are first going to read The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. It his a
biblical historical fiction novel written about what it was like to be a woman during those times, specifically from the point of view of Jacob's daughter, Dinah. I read it many moons ago and I look forward to reading it again and discussing it with the other women. Our second book
for Lent will be The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton. So exciting!

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