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Monday, March 23, 2009

Not for those that get sick easily...

Ugh, allergies!

People think I'm crazy but I had no idea what they were until I moved here.  I had no idea that a sinus infection could knock you off your feet and feel like the flu.  I now take a zytrec every day and just recently that isn't doing it for me.

Thankfully, I am not having problems with pressure and my nose is clear.  My big problem is drainage in the back of my throat.  I can't sleep at night.  Last night I slept sitting up.  I'm very thankful for the amazing back-pillow that Denise gave me in college.  That thing is versatile and wonderful!

So I got up this morning, ate my wonderful bowl of cereal and proceeded to take my pills:  zyrtec, multivitamin, two pills of allergy herbal stuff that I got from Shannon and four sudafed.  Then after brushing my teeth the gunk that drained down last night decided it didn't want to be digested and I stood for a few minutes choking up pieces of green thick crud which drained from my sinuses.  Every time I see it it makes me thing of cottage cheese.  Gross.  I actually amazed that I didn't up-chuck my breakfast and all the fabulous medicine that I just consumed.  I hope it doesn't last much longer. (note:  I detest cottage cheese)

I can actually live with this.  I feel fine and function quite well, it could be worse.  The only thing that makes me irritable about this is that I can't get up and run in the morning.  I'm actually scared to go out and run any time of day right now.  I dread what I could do to my sinuses by doing that.  I need to run, it makes me feel awesome and look awesome.  Yes, I am complaining.  People get to do that every now and then.  And I've tried to run at the gym.  Completely boring for me.  So yoga is my only solace right now.

That's it for the day.  Nothing thought-provoking.  The things that I am contemplating right now are not something that I wish to share with the world and would probably violate someone else's trust.  Just know that Lauren's is always wrapping her mind around something and that she is really happy.

Prayers for the day:
For Scott and Melissa,
For Ben's soul to pass quickly to Our Lord,
For lonely friends,
For my family's health,
and unspoken prayers

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