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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I wish I could be as witty and pun as well as Greg can.  It is a skill that is not inherent of most people.  Greg can tell you a pun during basically every conversation that you have with him or that he overhears from other people.  He is also excellent to watch television with as he waits for a commercial and then gleefully tells you the pun he had been holding onto for the last ten minutes.  Wow, it is impressive.  If I wait for a commercial to tell someone something I hope it doesn't include their house burning down because I would forget to mention it.

I pretend disdain when Greg tells a pun but it is only because I am reacting to a natural desire to tease him.  If he should stop his "punning" then I would find it a sad pun-ishment.  And no, that is not an original.  Greg has said that to me himself.

On second thought maybe I don't really wish I could pun as well as Greg.  Rather, I wish I always found myself understanding his puns right away.  Sometimes I have to ponder over what he just said to get it while everyone else is laughing.  I feel like the stupid one of the group.  I'm grateful when Matthew acknowledges the greatness of the pun and unknowingly clues me into the joke behind it.

Yes, Lauren is only half-witted or maybe totally witless.

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