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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Ramblings of my Mind

We can all agree that even the most minor decisions will affect other people or develop into larger consequences further down the road.  Right?

So, my question is...  Why do people get so upset when you make the wrong decision?  

Is it because they trusted you to make a decision that they personally wanted?  Does that make sense?  Do you want to give up your free will to make choices as you see fit?  Should we not then be able to respect the decisions that other people make?

I don't know what brought this about.  I guess I have consequences looming up around me and I am wondering how I am best to handle them.  My decisions from here on out will direct who I am and I am trying to study each and make the best decision to the best of my ability.  Am I being vague?  I don't think I really even understand what I am mulling over myself.  The title is ramblings...

I have recently started to understand that when someone is angry with me then it is probably because I hurt them (Go ahead and be puzzled over this, I'm slow about some things).  And rather than them coming to me to tell me about it and give me the chance to correct my mistake they take the "high road" of righteousness and are mean and nasty to me instead.

I would gladly get on my knees and do whatever the person wants to get back into their good graces.  I only am asking for the chance.  (note:  this is only in reference to those who mean the world to me.  I would never lower my own dignity for just anyone.  If you've discovered my blog off of facebook you don't necessarily rank but if I told you about my blog then you are in that world that I speak of.)

I suppose it is hard to go to someone and open yourself up to say that you have been hurt.  However I don't see myself laughing off someone who decides to tell me about it.  Do I give off that impression of haughtiness and uncaring?  Goodness, I hope not.  I sometimes suspect that my true expression comes off fake.  I find it hard to tell someone exactly how I feel.  It doesn't mean that my feelings are any less real or as intense.  I just find that sometimes.....



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