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Monday, May 11, 2009

Can I Get You A Refill?

After Mass this Sunday a few of us went to the newly opened McAllister's located just across the street from our wonderful St. Louis.  Being Mother's Day our attendance was low so lunch included Lindsey, Greg, Matthew and myself.

I don't want to exaggerate so I will try to tell a clear story and please don't accuse me of dramatics...  Two people opened up the door for us and proceeded to both greet us in the exact same manner.  If we missed the girl on the left, we couldn't miss the guy on the right....

Ordering and eating went just fine.  Atmosphere was lovely and food was tasty!  However there were too few customers and too many employees.  Just as one walked away from us asking if they could get us a refill another showed up seconds later coming from the opposite direction to ask if we needed a refill.  What?  You just walked passed each other, couldn't you have said, "they don't need a refill."  Or just assumed that if one person went out of their way to walk pass our table that they probably asked about the refill option???? 

Could I possibly be harping on this?  Well, the answer is no.  This happened so many times (I'd be willing to say at least fifteen times it occurred) that we didn't feel comfortable staying there to chat after eating.  Matthew actually asked Lindsey to hurry up and finish so we could leave.  Is there such a thing as attentive bad service?  I know the answer to that is yes...

I look forward to eating there again after they have had time to wind down, get more customers and maybe fire a few employees who don't have anything to do.

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