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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fourth Week of Easter

I never did let you know what it was like to give up television for Lent and now here we are in the fourth week of Easter.

The short version?  Liberating.  

Long version?  I no longer care what is on TV or care to turn it on (sometimes, yes, sometimes I think about The Big Bang Theory and Ugly Betty).  I have found so much more meaningful things in my life.  I am now able to dedicate time more to prayer, which I felt was seriously lacking.  I also have become dedicated to following Father Z's blog which takes up some time during the day, yet has deepened my knowledge and my faith.

It is hard to say how Lent would have been different if I hadn't fallen in love and spent every free second with Matthew.  I imagine I would have seen some friends more and worked on some hobbies more.  Totally would have slept more.  I don't find any of that mattering to me, though.  Come on, would it to you?  If those friends really cared as well they would have called me and set up a date.

The wonderful things have have changed since Lent:
Matthew (and all that comes with him, nuff said)
Daily prayer
Perpetual Adoration commitment
Deciding to receive the Eucharist on the tongue
Liturgy of the Hours on Wednesday evenings
Parents came to visit
Grown closer to the Gretencords
Food Pantry volunteering
My RCIC kids went through the Sacraments of Initiation
Thank You, Lord, for giving me the reason and the opportunity to overcome my ridiculous amount of TV-watching.  I feel better about my life and myself.  It only frees me to serve You more.  "I will sing to you, O Lord; I will learn from you the way of perfection."

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