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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I got someone banned...

So, as usual I was reading all the posts on Father Z's blog and I was reading the comments on an article that I had read when I came across someone's posting of:

"Women and theology do not mix -- just like women and liturgy..."

Oh, I was shocked. Not furious. Not hurt. Just shocked. Really? I mean, really? Was that statement necessary? Just because a person wrote a terrible thing about the pope and her opinion means that the rest of women should be scorned? Didn't Mary by her Immaculate Conception, birth of Christ and Assumption redeem women from the fallen Eve?

So I posted my own comment about this statement and I said the following:

"Do we really need to say that with such derogatory implications? I don't see how I can read that and interpret it without thinking that some of these feminist women have a point. There are men out there who just don't have respect for women. If the author was a man, I think we should be just as upset and frustrated with the article. So the fact that a woman wrote it is moot.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want women to be priests or have the right to be ordained at all. I just think that women have a specific realm to be loved and appreciated and a statement like that takes away from a woman's right to her realm. It leaves her looking inferior and uneducated.

We love Mary the Mother of God, right? Is she not part of the liturgy? Is not the Bride of Christ the Church? From Bishop Sheen's Three to Get Married, "In the words of the papal encyclical on marriage: '...For if the man is the head, the woman is the heart, and as he occupies the chief place in ruling, so she may and ought to claim for herself the chief place in love."' We cannot have liturgy without love. So my point, women are part of the liturgy just not in the same way.

Can my boyfriend and I not read theology together and grow in strength of faith together by doing so? Or should he read it by himself and indulge me sometimes with how smart he is? How am I supposed to teach my children about the Faith if I don't spend the time to understand it myself?

I don't mean to jump off the deep end about this but there are many women who love this forum and don't deserve comments like that. If I interpreted that comment incorrectly, then please, by all means, let me know how I should have took it."

I wasn't sure if I should have posted such a comment but when I thought about it I believed that not saying anything was showing acceptance. Thus, I was compelled to write.

Anyway after my post, a few women said they agreed with me. That made me feel better about having wrote it. It certainly served a purpose.

Father Z was busy today with a conference but he stopped by his blog in the afternoon and made the following comment: "NOTA BENE: Since I am short on time I banned XXXXX. My advice is therefore DNFTT. Ignore that rabbit hole. It is faster for me to ban people than to clean up the messes they leave on the floor of my livingroom."

HAHAHAHAHAH!!! I was totally surprised that he would ban someone without a warning. I actually felt bad about what happened but then I realized that what I said was true and several people agreed with me so Father Z didn't want someone writing things like that on his blog. I actually was afraid of receiving a reprimand myself for my own comment since it wasn't relevant to his original post.

I suppose you can label me a troublemaker.


Sharon said...

You go girl! :) That was a nicely thought out and delivered post you made. Good job quoting Sheen, too! ;)

James Straight said...

You didn't get him banned. The fool got himself banned with his stupid comment.

'Think then post' should be a fairly easy rule to live by but for many people it seems impossible.