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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday party

Allison hosted a birthday party for Greg and Brittany and we had great food, a wine tasting game and then everyone went downtown to the Elephant Room for some Jazz music. Matthew and I gave Brittany a gift certificate to B&N and some cool Moleskin books to write in. We had ordered Greg's gift but it hadn't come in yet and we gave it to him later. We decided to give him Life of Christ by Bishop Sheen because we both loved it so much we wanted to share it with him. Lots of people showed up as you can see.

Here we are waiting patiently between the different wines to try.

Allison made a pumpkin spice cake and we had tea candles for them to blow out. I'm not sure what Greg is doing in this picture, I believe I said to pretend to blow them out and he decided to bow to the cake!
Here they are opening gifts!

It was a wonderful evening with good friends. Matthew and I were too tired to go downtown and we were getting up early to go to Mass the next morning, so we said goodbye to everyone and headed over to my place to spend some quiet time together.

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