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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year! (Belated)

Just spent three weeks in Kentucky for wedding planning, Christmas, and Rachel's wedding. When I am at my parents home, I tend to not want to get on the internet or respond to emails nor answer the phone. It is strange because in my other life that is not like me at all.

My 2009 Year in Review:
I started dating Matthew!
Mom and Dad came to Austin for a visit.
Lost a roommate and moved into a one-bedroom.
My first catechumens went through Easter Vigil and received the sacraments of initiation.
Went to D. C. and to Colonial Williamsburg.
My cousin was married and Matthew met my family.
I got engaged to Matthew!
I dedicated time to meaningful friendships and maintained the past ones from grade school.
I deepened my faith and educated myself on what it is to be truly Catholic. (that will be a never ending process)
I started seeing strands of gray hair appear in my hair. *sigh*

We start our marriage prep tomorrow and I am looking forward to that. I don't think every time will be fun but it will help us relate better. I'm not always easy to get along with.

I have a wedding dress, cakes are picked out, music is selected for ceremony, we think we have our readings decided on. We met with the photographer, caterer, DJ and make some preliminary decisions. So far so good.

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