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Thursday, January 14, 2010

I forgot to add in my 2009 Year in Review that I found Father Zuhlsdorf (Father Z) on What Does The Prayer Really Say and fell in love with my Catholic Faith and have learned so much about our religion's history, present and future from this amazing blog. His blog tends to earn awards in the religion categories and I don't know how many followers he has but it is at least a couple thousand worldwide.

Oh, and some have asked about what kind of cakes we will have at our wedding. So here is the list:
Raspberry buttercream

The cannoli and hazelnut are my favorite but all taste good! If you desire something specific and it isn't at your table then turn around and trade a piece with another table. Matthew and I will be having cannoli at our table, yum!

Tonight is our first marriage prep meeting and I am really looking forward to meeting all the people and learning a few new things.

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