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Friday, January 15, 2010

Marriage Prep

Last night was our first marriage prep class and it was about communication and our love languages. I think we had already covered much of that material on our own, which is good and we gained some new insights into understanding our backgrounds.

One major point that I felt was stressed was that we are taught how to communicate at a very young age by our families. Keeping this in mind we then analyzed how we communicate with others and predicting how our fiance then must primarily communicate. It was very informative since Matthew and I were obviously raised differently. A Catholic household does not identical make.

Also the topic of the Sacrament of Marriage was covered. I wish more time could have been spent on this but, alas, no. I'm sure some more information will be covered down the road. The more interesting topics broached was why are we getting married in an age where 48% of people get divorced? And that the sacrament of marriage is a covenant of three vows: permanence, fidelity and procreation.

I believe there are 8 couples in our program, which is cool! Last night everyone stood up and said how they met, what their occupation is and their wedding date. We have two friends with us, J. C. and Rebecca so it is fun to talk to them and share this experience with them. I do hope to get to know the other couples a bit better. It would be neat to know that they are there for the same reasons we are and not just to fill a requirement or make their families happy.

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