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Friday, January 15, 2010


Matthew and I have decided to abstain from meat on Fridays and so far it has worked out okay. I tend to eat a lot of tuna. :)

One problem I have been having is what to do as a penance on the Fridays that we do eat meat. Our friends, Sharon and Adam, pray all the decades of the Rosary as penance. I think this is beautiful and a wonderful penance but it doesn't seem like the right fit for us. So I will continue to pray for guidance and to discern what our best option will be. Any suggestions would be welcome!

So it is Friday and my lunch box has tuna in it. Yum! My preferred method is to mix in a few tablespoons of Miracle Whip and eat it on Pringles. Put on toasted bread is good as well but not as yummy as chips.

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Sharon said...

Oh, there's so much you could do...Pray the Stations of the Cross. Sometimes we do this as a penance. You could go out and give a meal to the homeless person you see on the street (since there are so many near our parish). You could abstain from salting your food or any drink fancier than water. If you know which meal will have meat, then fast for the other two. Fast from the radio that day or email or blogs. What is a sacrifice for YOU that you can offer to God? Or what is an act of charity you can do that day?