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Friday, January 22, 2010

Marriage Prep Day 2: Intimacy

Last night was day two of marriage prep class. The topic was intimacy. It went smoothly, we didn't really learn anything new. Just a reminder to think things through about each other since we are so different.

The couple leading the discussion, Martha and Javier, were really great! I enjoyed hearing about their marriage and they worked well together on the presentation. I found it interesting that they were married at ages 18 and 19 and that a priest wouldn't marry them because he didn't believe they would make it. So they were civilly married for a few years before having their marriage blessed. They discussed how hard it was to go to Mass and not receive communion. I was very impressed. They have been married for 32 years! It is a shame that someone in authority did not trust that they heard His Voice and listened to it.

We have a homework assignment for next week but I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. I hope this weekend we can get a lot of wedding plans accomplished. Although most of Saturday is taken for a Young Adult Advisory Board meeting and the Rally for Life at the capital. Today is the day in history that Roe vs Wade was passed. I keep praying for the respect for Life in our nation and around the world.

It fills me with sorrow the way our world is today. Those of us who are devoted to God have trouble understanding because it seems so simple. To me, the answer is that we trust God completely and when we don't trust Him that is when we suffer the most. Realizing this and focusing our trust in Him strengthens our relationship with Him. I don't remember my first grasp of my trust in Him because I was a child and that doesn't mean I didn't continue to sin. Every time I sin it is because I stop trusting Him. I can imagine that for someone who has no trust in Him at all that it would be hard to take that first step because God doesn't want just a little bit of your soul, he wants all of it. It seems that to some people that He is asking too much. They are missing out on much joy.

Anyway, I have been suffering from allergies because I don't always take my medication (I don't want to be pumped full of drugs if it isn't necessary and the doctor told me that was fine). I have been trying to check on the allergen counts and it wasn't very accurate about this past weekend so I am coping as best as I can. I had to leave during part of Mass this morning so I could cough without disturbing everyone else. It looks like most of January, February and March have high expectations of mold and pollen so I guess I will be taking my pill every day.

So today I pray for abortionists, those who are thinking about having one, and those that have had one. May they find God and comfort in Him. And I pray for the other couples in our marriage prep class. I hope that they are getting as much out of it as we are.

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