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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

I don't believe I can express enough how much I enjoy reading anything by Bishop Sheen. I recently read a biography about him by Thomas Reeves before reading his autobiography, Treasures in Clay. You may wonder what the title of his book means and I won't tell! You should read it to find out, it is a wonderful symbol.

The biography was very honest and the writer, although clearly a fan of Sheen, made a point to emphasize facts about who he spoke to, the letters and newspapers he read. Bishop Sheen lived a most extraordinary life and had his fair share of grief.

I recommend reading the biography before the autobiography. I find that
upon reading the second his sorrow melts down each page as lays down events with humor. It is amazing to understand that while you feel his hurt, he expresses it so well with just the right words. He says only the nicest things about people who have hurt him and if you haven't read the biography you won't notice his forgiveness and desire to love and be loved.

In fact, I feel like I am reading him for the last time. I slowly chew on each word and mourn that I never will meet him on this earth.
I realize that I haven't read everything of his but this is truly his last published work and so he writes it as a
goodbye to his beloved flock.

He may be gone but he is certainly not forgotten.

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Sharon said...

Do you have his biography that I can borrow?