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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Such a beautiful poem by Father Leonard Feeney.*

Whenever the bright blue nails would drop
Down on the floor of his carpenter's shop,
St. Joseph, prince of carpenter men,
Would stoop to gather them up again;
For he feared for two little sandals sweet
And very easy to pierce they were
As they pattered over the lumber there
And rode on two little Sacred Feet.

But alas on a hill between earth and heaven
One day--two nails into a cross were driven
And fastened it firm to the Sacred Feet
Where once rode two little sandals sweet.
And Christ and His Mother looked off in death
Afar--to the valley of Nazareth
Where the carpenter shop was spread with dust
And the little blue nails all packed in rust
Slept in a box on the window sill;
And Joseph lay sleeping under the hill.

What a tear-jerker for me. I have always been very fond of Saint Joseph and admired what an amazing man he was for marrying Mary and being the adopted father to Jesus. I sometimes yearn to know more about him and I wish our Gospel writers had been inspired to write more. Especially, since we model our own families after the Holy Family.

How often do we think about Jesus as a toddler? I don't have children, yet, but I imagine when I do I will think about Jesus has a small child more. Right now, though, I think of him usually as an adult. When I do contemplate him so small it makes me thankful that our Lord became man for us to grasp him more.

*Please note, reader, that I am aware of the history of Fr. Feeney and I do not agree with his teachings but that does not mean he did not love God and was incapable of art. I am not his fan but I do appreciate this one act of love that came out of him.

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Sharon said...

Adam has a book called, "The Life of St. Joseph." I can't recall who wrote it but he liked it. Remind us about it the next time you're over and you can borrow it.