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Monday, October 26, 2009

Fright at the Museum

Yesterday, Matthew and I took Makayla to UT's Fright at the Museum! It certainly wasn't the normal Halloween experience I thought it would be. They had actual bugs baked into the cookies. Needless to say I was abstained from eating them. They had all kinds of creepy crawly bugs for kids to hold and pet. Makayla wasn't interested in that in the slightest. :) But she enjoyed story time and coloring her franken-saur. After the Halloween event we took her to my office and I showed her the lab. We froze pennies in liquid nitrogen and she smashed them with a hammer. It was fun!

Matthew and I with an old friend...

This tiger-woman has a tarantula crawling on her.

Apparently it is cool to paint a dead fish, slap it on a piece of paper, wipe the paint off and pass the fish to the next kid. It smelled. It looked gross. It is gross. Must be a Texas thing, I've never seen anything like it before.

Matthew really thought it was cute that the dinosaur bones had tombstones near them. They said, "RIP 65 MYA".

Makayla was playing the part of the Scooby Doo Sleuths and was investigating behind those graves.

Crispy Critter is right, eek! But nonetheless, a super sign!

Microscope labs, pretty cool!

Don't be fooled, these are real. They even had a bowl of live larva squirming around right next to the food.

Makayla was working on her Franken-Saur. Seemed much safer than most of the other activities.

We found a winged-lion and boy did he roar at Makayla!

This is my favorite picture by far.... She wanted to pose on this statue and she happens to be hugging the leg of a horse right under its rear end. Horses hinny poses with Makayla. Isn't she too cute not to post this picture?

To end the evening we took Makayla to her mom's and then headed over to Dick and Karol's, my future Mom and Dad, and they served the most amazing pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions! Heaven on Earth!

I still need to post the circus pictures, I'll get to is as soon as I can! She's always fun to be around. I think when we next can get her then we'll make pizza and play some games.

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