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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So what has been going on lately:

1. Matthew and I looked at wedding bands and have narrowed down to two choices for each of us. Mine is going to be simple (yay!) and his is more ornate. We are thinking of getting him a tungsten carbide band that has a Catholic cross design on it. I think it is exquisite!

2. We bought his suit for the wedding, it is very stylish!
3. Greg has a girlfriend.
4. School has been frustrating.
5. Church has had loads of activities going on.
6. We switched our Adoration day and time to Friday at 7pm. I was struggling so much with the Tuesday 11pm time. If anyone is interested... I'm sure that spot will be hard to fill. We gave it our best shot.
7. We've had some fiascos that we can only thank God for His humor.
8. I finished Life of Christ and now I am reading The World's First Love. I can't get enough of Bishop Sheen's writings!
9. The economy is in bad shape.
10. America is trying to institute health care reform. But the USCCB is not endorsing anything that would imply funding abortions.
11. The Church is opening Its doors to conservative Anglicans.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

That's a beautiful ring! Yay!

My favorite chapter in The World's First Love is the one on the wedding at Cana.

So does this mean you can't baby sit on Fridays either?! And games nights are going to have to be on Saturdays? ;)